Lori Russell-Siemer is a Reiki (Usui) master who works with the angelic and ascended master realms in her writings, workshops, treatments, and classes.  She earned a BA in Social Work from St. Edward’s University in 1999.  She went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Southwest Texas State University in 2000.  She then went through clinical supervision programs through the University of Texas and the University of North Texas.  She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and published author. She has been initiated through the Munay Ki (Peruvian Shamanic Rites).


She spent five years working with abused and neglected children.  Naturally, she became adept at teaching these children and their families.  She also facilitated the healing process.  She later resigned from this work after being called to start her own family.  It was through her parenting work that she became aware of Reiki.  She has incorporated Reiki into her role as mother and enjoys sharing this knowledge and wisdom with other individuals, children, and families.


As an adolescent, Lori had a strong sense of intuition.  She was keenly aware that she was able to perceive and pick up on things others were not aware of.  At the time, she was fearful of being made fun of and/or being accepted by her friends and family, so she suppressed her inclinations.  It was through her Reiki work as an adult, that she was able to fully express herself, and accept, acknowledge, and embrace these gifts.


She then began to share her gift with her family and friends, channeling loved ones, exploring angel card readings, giving Reiki treatments, teaching classes about Reiki and the Munay Ki, counseling, and helping people connect with their inner guide/power.  She feels called to share her ability to activate the inner healer within people and help to facilitate their healing journey.  She is interested in the path of ascension and helping people to feel empowered, assisting them in raising their vibrations, while getting to the root cause and helping to clear anything that prevents them from reaching their highest potential.


My name is Lori Russell-Siemer and my mission is Ascension- helping you shift into a higher and lighter level of being.  On Earth, we are constantly evolving, ever changing.  Allow me to guide you through evolving your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies consciously and at an accelerated pace.  Healing occurs organically as you ascend into higher levels of awareness.  You can remove the barriers to receiving love and relating to others in a positive way.  Experience the joy of being alive! Get to the root of your judgments, traumas, annoyances, betrayals, grudges, thoughts, and beliefs.  If your life is not working, let's get to the important work of emotional and spiritual mastery.