"Lori has been a great resource for myself and our family.  She has worked with all of our children in a Reiki practice as well as addressing adolescent psychological concerns and struggles.  I have personally learned the Usui Reiki tradition from Lori and couldn't ask for a better teacher.  Lori has a great sense of exactly what each person needs during a visit and is a great facilitator for each person to see their own inner light and power.  If you would like to be a healer/teacher, want to learn the art of Reiki, work on any personal struggles, learn about the power of essential oils, participate and grow in a spiritual practice, or any of the other myriad of services that Lori can assist with, I would highly recommend working with this awakened being!"  Peter G., Mansfield, TX


"I have been working with Lori for several years.  For instance, last year I was diagnosed with cancer and had major surgery.  Lori started frequent Reiki treatments prior to my surgery.  After surgery, Lori continued the treatments while I was in the hospital and also as I recovered at home.  Reiki helped with pain management as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects of the journey from illness to health.  I continue to receive Reiki treatments on a regular basis.  Lori is a compassionate, loving, peaceful soul.  Her treatments reflect all the wonderful qualities she possesses. During many Reiki treatments Lori is able to deliver channeled messages from my spirit guides, guardians and ascended masters which are very meaningful to me.  Other treatments are silent, full of peace and gratitude.  Each session with Lori is different; she may use crystals, essential oils and a Tibetan singing bowl to assist in deep healing and chakra balancing. Following a session, I feel relaxed and full of energy at the same time!  I always look forward to the Spring/Fall Equinox and Summer/Winter Solstice celebrations when Lori brings together women to meditate and bring out the inner Goddess of each of us. Lori also presents full moon gatherings and Reiki share groups.  The gatherings are different every time, always being lots of fun!  Lori is an amazing healer, counselor and teacher.  She is passionate about her work and it shows!  I am so grateful to her for continued support throughout my healing process, including body, mind and spirit."  Sharon R., Arlington, TX

"Lori is a beautiful soul with incredible talent. She is a true healer.  Lori has an exceptional ability to tap into energetic elements that in my experience other healers have missed. Lori shows up to support her clients in every way possible, keeping integrity at the forefront. Her commitment to her own spiritual growth & that of her family's is evident in everything she does. She is light in Spirit & able to bring the joy of light heartedness to her clients in their sessions even at the heaviest times. I have referred a number of patients to Lori & will continue to do so. I recommend working with Lori whether it is in a private Reiki session or a group workshop."  Dr. Molly C., DC Los Angeles, CA


“In April of 2013 I was in the middle of my chemo treatments for non-hodgkins lymphoma.  The side effects were severe.   I was ending up in the hospital via ambulance 24-72 hours after each chemo treatment.  My sister in law bought me a session with Lori.  I had given up long ago on any spirituality and religion years ago. But I thought 'why not?  - I have nothing to lose by going to this session.'  During the session I didn’t have any big revelations or overwhelming feelings of health.  However, once I got off the table and stood up I realized how relaxed I was.  I felt lighter and I certainly felt better!   I was mystified!   How could this be??  I thought it had to be a coincidence.  I went a second time….again, I felt better!   Needless to say, I have been going ever since.   Since chemo, I have had ongoing health issues.  This is a great way to enhance your healing!  If you are skeptical – before you dismiss Reiki please try a session with Lori.  I don’t think you will regret it.” Nancy K., Fort Worth, TX